Expert Witness Case Study: Finding a Radiology Medical Expert


Radiology medical experts are commonly requested for personal injury cases to review diagnostic imaging. It is important to find the right radiologist for the specific injury in each case. At Juris Medicus, we identify our client's specific medical expert needs and find the best match from our extensive network of more than 400 medical experts covering more than 85 specialties and subspecialties 


Primary Care Issue:


Our client represented an insurance carrier in a pre-suit demand stemming from a motor vehicle accident. The client hired Juris Medicus to find a medical expert to dispute the plaintiff’s claims of injury caused to the spine from the impact of the car. They sought a radiology expert who specialized in spinal injuries to evaluate the injuries claimed by the plaintiff.    


Expert Witness Requirements:


  • Board-Certified 
  • Neuroradiology specialist
  • Prior neuroradiology testimony experience


Expert Witness Search:


A Juris Medicus case manager identified two experts in radiology through our expert panel who fit the client’s requirements. The case manager sent the experts vetted credentials and background to the client within hours of the initial request.  


Expert Witness Placement:


The chosen expert was a neuroradiologist with more than 10 years of clinical practice and extensive testimony experience. Upon selecting the radiology expert, our client sent imaging reports to the expert for review.


Case Results:


This case settled. 


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