Juris Medicus, LLC Welcomes New Business Development Manager In Dallas, TX

SAN ANTONIO – Juris Medicus, LLC has announced the hiring of Justin McAdams as the new Business Development Manager for the Dallas region. Juris Medicus will be expanding more into the Dallas legal community to provide medical experts and case support to law firms handling personal injury cases. “We are proud to welcome Justin McAdams to our team at Juris Medicus," Shaun Kennedy, President announced.

“I am honored to start my new role at Juris Medicus and be a member of such an innovative group of people," Justin McAdams states. “I am eager to see how I can assist Juris Medicus in growing the Dallas region."

Vice President and Director of Client Development, Nancy Segrato Barnes is thrilled to incorporate Justin to the team. “Justin provides extensive knowledge in the Dallas legal community and will be a great attribute in growing our business in the Dallas Region. I’m excited to work with him and have him a part of my team." 

About Juris Medicus

Juris Medicus is a national leading medical expert sourcing firm that protects the attorney’s time and deadlines. For over 10 years, Juris Medicus has met 99.9% of its client’s deadlines in over 10,000 cases by recruiting over 300 top medical experts. The JM Process supports our clients through each step with a professional case management team of experienced paralegals.

If you would like more information on their services, please contact the Juris Medicus team at 210.826.6767 or visit

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