Juris Medicus Establishing What (Part 2 of 3)

Author and inspirational speaker, Simon Sinek, created his “Golden Circle” and encouraged organizations to develop their why, how and what. “Start with your why,” he said, noting how businesses operate and what they do should follow from why they do it. Juris Medicus knows its why, a passionate pursuit of truth. The team devised the JM Process to bring efficiency and effectiveness to the process of data analysis and assembled a group of well-vetted physicians dedicated to discovering truth, explaining how they operate. 

So, the question remains, “how does what they do support why they do it?” Simply put, Juris Medicus provides medical legal consulting services. However, what the group provides goes much deeper. Here are the facets of what Juris Medicus offers:


Juris Medicus provides over 250 vetted medical experts from which a legal team can build a panel of witnesses. An experienced case manager helps align the legal services with the most knowledgeable medical professionals.  Experienced Juris Medicus paralegals manage all cases, following them through their life cycles. 


Legal deadlines are critical; it’s imperative the medical witnesses meet the case deadlines. The JM Process respects the time-sensitivity of the legal process, delivering results in a timely manner. The Chronology Team develops an objective summary of the content in an Index of Records, providing physicians with an efficient outline for reviewing all submitted files. 


Juris Medicus experts, in their pursuit of truth, often validate a diagnosis through an independent medical exam. Medical expert witnesses perform these exams to assess the value of the prior treatment course, the patient’s current condition, and the accuracy of the diagnosis.

Truth directly relates to and promotes justice. To deliver justice for their clients, a legal team must uncover the truth in a situation. Legal medical consultation is what Juris Medicus provides, but its why deeply influences what it does. The Juris Medicus Team and its medical professionals operate with integrity and produce opinions deeply rooted in a commitment to truth, medical truth that undergirds legal justice.

See part 1, Juris Medicus knows their Why

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