Juris Medicus, LLC Recognized by Texas Lawyer's Best of 2021

SAN ANTONIO – Juris Medicus, LLC has been named as one of the top three expert witness sourcing companies in the state of Texas in 2021. Since our founding in 2011, our focus has always been on providing the best medical experts to the legal community with one goal in mind – merging medical and legal in the quest for the truth.  Our case managers work closely with our clients and the designated medical experts to meet all deadlines.  "We are honored to receive this recognition and prestigious award from Texas Lawyer”, Shaun Kennedy, President announced. “What a way to recognize a decade of commitment.”

"The mission and vision of protecting the truth for our clients with the best medical experts has set the tone for our company” stated Dr. Meadows, Founder/Medical Director. “Juris Medicus has had astonishing growth over the past 10 years, and we value the hard work and commitment of our employees. This recognition from Texas Lawyer is truly humbling.”


About Juris Medicus

Juris Medicus is a national leading medical expert and legal services firm that delivers dependable solutions protecting a lawyer’s time and deadlines.  

For over 10 years, Juris Medicus has met 99.9% of its client’s deadlines in over 9,000 cases by recruiting and educating the best 250+ medical experts, following The JM Process and supporting clients through the legal process with a top-notch case management team of experienced paralegals. Juris Medicus supports law firms, Fortune 500 Companies, self-insured businesses, and insurance carriers in seeking and protecting the truth.


If you would like more information on their services, please contact the Juris Medicus team at 210.826.6767 or visit

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