JM Adds Prestigious B-Reader Specialty to Expert Panel


Juris Medicus is proud to have one of 13 certified B-Readers located in Texas on our expert panel. Putting this development into context, there are only 200 B-Readers in the United States, and a grand total of 300 practicing worldwide.


B-Readers are a type of classification of doctors who have expertise in how pneumoconiosis, a lung disease, is presented on X-rays. The disease is caused by breathing in asbestos, silica, or coal. The harmful dust particles found in the lungs are often encountered in work environments, like in a coal mine. Pneumoconiosis is often referred to as occupational lung disease or more commonly, “black lung.”


This special class of doctors examines the lungs in detail, looking for scarring and other changes that might indicate pneumoconiosis. B-Readers are experts in determining how different dust particles affect the lungs. The result of a B-Read often determines if a person has pneumoconiosis, which treatments might be helpful, and if they are eligible for federal benefits due to occupational dust exposure.



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