When is a Medical Expert Witness Needed?

Many times, one of the most important roles in a personal injury case is the expert witness. An expert witness reviews all the related records and imaging and provides an honest and professional opinion regarding the claimed injuries. Expert witnesses add an impartial perspective to legal cases, clarifying matters in their report, a deposition, or trial.  Expert witnesses are utilized in a variety of legal cases, but the experts on the Juris Medicus panel are used for medical review and opinions.   There are accidents where multiple medical experts are required depending on the type of injury and the number of individuals claiming an injury. 

Juris Medicus provides over 300 medical experts covering more than 70 specialties and sub-specialties in support of injuries in trucking, automobile, slip and fall accidents, and other personal injury claims.

What Makes a Medical Expert?

A medical expert witness will be a medical doctor or a PhD. who is typically Board Certified or Board eligible and has years of experience in his or her chosen specialty.   In addition, the expert’s licenses should be up to date and there should be little to no Medical Board actions listed.  

At Juris Medicus, we perform semi-annual reviews of every expert to affirm their licenses are active, their Board Certifications are current, and a thorough review of the Medical Boards is completed.  This eliminates any surprises for the hiring attorney regarding the medical expert. . A medical expert witness should be able to explain complex medical procedures or terminology clearly and concisely in their report, their deposition, and if necessary, to the jury at trial.

When Would I Need A Medical Expert Witness?

In many instances, the decision on whether to hire a medical expert is driven by the amount of the liability exposure with the insurance company.   If the liability exposure is small, the expense of a medical expert may not be justified.    If an expert is retained, it is essential that he or she receives all the records and imaging related to the case so that a thorough review and understanding can be accomplished.

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