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Meeting a Tight Deadline Case Study

Situation: A case was transferred to an attorney from another firm with upcoming deadlines. The attorney called our case management team looking for a pain management expert to review and opine on a case with a very short deadline.

Approach: Understanding the urgency of the situation, the case manager immediately tapped into our expert database and started sending CVs of experts who were able to meet the short deadline. Within days our client received carrier approval to hire an expert and released all records to the case manager. Our Chronology team ingested all information and returned an Index of Records the same day. The case was sent to the expert for review and one week later the expert prepared a narrative for the client meeting his deadline.

Results: The Juris Medicus team under promised and over delivered for this client. We ingested the case records and in less than two weeks we had a prepared narrative from our expert to the client. We met the deadline with the right expert helping the attorney develop their case strategy.

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