Juris Medicus Employee Spotlight- Nancy Segrato Barnes


The Juris Medicus sales department was established in the fall of 2020 with our first sales rep, Nancy Segrato Barnes. With Nancy’s help, the sales team has seen tremendous growth and now has seven account executives across Texas and South Carolina. Nancy is a fantastic leader and mentor to her team, as well as the rest of her colleagues at Juris Medicus. 


Q: How did you find and why did you choose JM? 


A: I was fortunate to have our founder, Dr. Gib Meadows, and his RN, Sarah Crimmins, as clients in my previous career. I knew the wonderful reputation they had carried over to Juris Medicus. With my experience in building and leading successful sales teams to grow revenue, along with my legal background, it was meant to be!


Q: What do you like most about your specific department and/or role? 


A: What I like most about my role is helping and encouraging the team to become their very best selves. I love watching them grow and succeed while supporting them along the way. To help the people you care about tap into their gifts and become confident is such a gift.    


Q: What accomplishments at JM are you most proud of?


A: I’m proud of building a fantastic team of account executives who are dedicated, hardworking, and committed to making the customer experience superior. Our revenue goals and client base continue to grow year over year. As a sales leader, having a great team, satisfying our customers, and surpassing our goals is such an awesome feeling.


Q: How do JM’s core values align with your own?


A: “Honor the Relationship” is a core value that really aligns with my own. I was raised in a home where honesty was valued above all else, closely followed by doing the right thing. Having integrity and being dependable and honest with our clients naturally translates into trust. Our clients know they can trust us.



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Nancy’s positive attitude and performance are what make Juris Medicus lucky to have her as a part of our team. Thank you, Nancy, for everything you do for your Juris Medicus clients and colleagues. 


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