Expert Witness Case Study: Finding an Orthopedic Medical Expert


While orthopedic medical experts are commonly requested for personal injury disputes involving car accidents, it is critical to find the right orthopedic expertise for each unique matter. At Juris Medicus, we identify our client's specific medical expert needs and find the exact match in our network. 


Primary Care Issue:


Our client represented an individual who was being sued for their involvement in a car accident. The client needed a recommendation for an orthopedic spine expert, specifically a cervical disc replacement surgeon.   


Expert Witness Requirements:


The client wanted the expert to be board-certified, specialize in orthopedic spine surgery, have competitive fellowship and deposition experience, and be located in San Antonio, Texas. 


Case Manager Expert Witness Search:


A dedicated case manager searched through Juris Medicus’ expert panel of more than medical experts to find three top orthopedic spine experts that fit the client’s requirements. The case manager sent the experts’ CVs and fee schedules to our client within hours of their initial request. 


Expert Witness Placement:


Our client chose one board-certified orthopedic spine medical expert who was fellowship trained to review their client’s case.  


Case Results:


After the deposition, the case was settled. 


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